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Table game

This table game is a system with bids on the score you think you can achieve.

A simple tablet placed in the center of a table is enough. One of the players is assigned to
request a HelpGo and will first receive a 6-letter code that allows players who are to far
from the table to display the HelpGo on their own device.
The last letter of the code is given when everything is ready and it will declare
the start of the bidding.

All candidates are free to announce a bid aloud. The starting bid is the number of dice over
2 points multiplied by 100.
Each bid entitles the bidder to one coin unless the current bid belongs to the same player

Winnings are made with coins or any other object such as cards, pebbles, marbles, washers ...
their number must be fixed at the beginning.
The game ends when all the coins are allocated and the player who has the most coins is the

The player who proposes the best announcement will have to prove its feasibility by making the
HelpGo, without wasting time and without replay. If he succeeds he will receive 5 coins,
if he fails, he will be penalized and will have to put 5 units in the stock, but he can
negotiate a resumption of the realization by another player against a fee of 1,2,3 or 4 coins
(new bids between the interested opponents). The interest of the buyer is to receive
the 5 units and that of the transferor to reduce the cost of his failure.
The buyer must continue the abandoned realization.
The seller has every interest in not going too far when he is in difficulty so that he can
better negotiate the takeover.

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